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Brand Story

Celebrated as the rug industry’s fashion leader, Trans Ocean Rugs was founded in 1908 and is one of the oldest and most respected rug importers in the United States. With rugs originating from Turkey, India, and China, (countries whose histories are rich with the time honored traditions of rug making that have produced the world’s finest Oriental carpets) the company continues to bring craft to their rugs, but has transformed the floor covering industry through their bold, fashion-forward designs that redefine style in the 21st century. With a vision for innovation and a streak for iconoclasm, the New York-based, Israeli born designer Liora Manné is at the helm of the brand, designing, coloring, and styling the programmed collections of each accent and area rug. She has modernized the industry with bold, contemporary colors, sparking a revolution in a category dominated by traditions. As a design and technology trailblazer, Liora continues to push cutting edge technology, textile design, and textile engineering, placing the company at the forefront of interior design and fashion. Trans Ocean area rugs can be found in institutions such as the Rubin Museum and Radio City Music Hall in New York City, the Mondrian Hotel in California, Brown University in Rhode Island, and some of the most exclusive nightclubs around the world. Trans Ocean Rugs are also in the permanent collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Different Types of Trans Ocean Rugs

Whether you need to fill a small transitional space like a hallway, accent a doorway, or fill a large space like a living room, RUGANDROLL carries the full range of the brand's collections which include runners, accent, and area rugs that come in various sizes from 2x3 to 9x13. Trans Ocean Rugs recognizes the dependency of design on cutting edge technology, and has made ground-breaking advances in the textile industry. The brand's rugs are exceptional, top-quality rugs that will endure the modern demands of living. Crafted from flat woven, hand knotted, tufted, and woven techniques, Trans Ocean area rugs come in a variety of square, round, and rectangular shapes in a wide selection of colors and patterns inspired from nature and art.

Decorating With Trans Ocean Rugs

Trans Ocean area rugs bring an individualist flair to your living space with Liora Manné’s award winning designs. Known for her bold, colorful aesthetic, a Trans Ocean rug in your home or office is sure to make a sartorial statement with exciting geometric designs that will complement your décor. RUGANDROLL offers 27 collections from the company that range from the subtly 70s influenced Ravella collection that recall the heritage patterns of Finnish textiles from Marimekko or English Liberty prints. With dusty blues, avocado greens, and rosy shades, this collection also offers a range of patterns in stripes, zigzags, and zebra prints. Another fashion forward choice and a best seller is the Karela collection which features dramatic ombre color effects in plums, sienna, and cerulean hues that are faintly embellished with botanical leaf designs. Ombre is also employed stunningly in the hypnotizing patterns of the Dunes collection. If classical Oriental design is what you seek, the company also offers the Petra collection which bears Trans Ocean’s indelible, daring aesthetic with elaborate floral patterns that look just as if you’ve stepped out of a sultan’s palace. A minimalist take on Asian design can be found in the Terrace collection which offers graphic blooming cherry blossoms on a background of sage, sienna, or robin egg blue. Whatever your style preference, a Trans Ocean rug means a luxurious, fashion-forward floor covering that will endure all wear and style trends.

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    Transocean Terrace Vine
    Transocean Terrace Vine more
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    Transocean Terrace Texture
    Transocean Terrace Texture more
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    Transocean Terrace Taos
    Transocean Terrace Taos more
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    Transocean Terrace Spots
    Transocean Terrace Spots more
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    Transocean Terrace Shipwheel
    Transocean Terrace Shipwheel more
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    Transocean Terrace Shell Toss
    Transocean Terrace Shell Toss more
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    Transocean Terrace Scroll Vine
    Transocean Terrace Scroll Vine more
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    Transocean Terrace Rugby
    Transocean Terrace Rugby more
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    Transocean Terrace Palm
    Transocean Terrace Palm more
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    Transocean Terrace Octopus
    Transocean Terrace Octopus more
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    Transocean Terrace Kilim
    Transocean Terrace Kilim more
    Special Price $19.95 $29.00
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    Transocean Terrace Floral
    Transocean Terrace Floral more
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    Transocean Terrace Dragonfly
    Transocean Terrace Dragonfly more
    Special Price $19.95 $29.00
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    Transocean Terrace Coral Border
    Transocean Terrace Coral Border more
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    Transocean Terrace Border
    Transocean Terrace Border more
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    Transocean Terrace Agra Tile
    Transocean Terrace Agra Tile more
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    Transocean Terrace Zebra
    Transocean Terrace Zebra more
    Special Price $20.00 $29.00
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    Transocean Terrace Elephants
    Transocean Terrace Elephants more
    Special Price $20.00 $29.00
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    Transocean Sorrento Tribeca
    Transocean Sorrento Tribeca more
    Special Price $24.50 $35.00
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    Transocean Sorrento Rugby Stripe
    Transocean Sorrento Rugby Stripe more
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    Transocean Sorrento Pinstripe
    Transocean Sorrento Pinstripe more
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    Transocean Playa Tile
    Transocean Playa Tile more
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    Transocean Playa Stripe
    Transocean Playa Stripe more
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    Transocean Playa Signal Flags
    Transocean Playa Signal Flags more
    Special Price $24.50 $35.00
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