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Brand Story

Tayse, a rug company, was founded by Sadi Sevimli and Jay Dogan in 2005. Just like other small to medium enterprises in the industry, this business found its break during the recession. People became more concerned about spending their money wisely during this time, which prompted most to buy reasonably priced products that offered value at the same time. In the rug industry, Tayse Rugs was one of the lucky companies to have had products that are friendly on the budget, but still big on design. In 2009, the brand teamed up with two professional design companies, bringing about new patterns and more colors for their fashion-conscious buyers. Tayse Rugs started with only two collections, Terra and Kaira with 80 products. Today Tayse Rugs is a proud provider of nearly 3000 products. Something that is perhaps even more exciting, Sadi and Jay are planning to expand the business to include other home textile accessories and rugs made of different materials and construction. This means big news for the Tayse rug family, as they embark on a new chapter in their vision and continue creating the success that they are known for today.

Different Styles and Types of Tayse Rugs

Diversity lies in Tayse’s name and rich history. A broad selection of styles are available for customers to access and simplify their shopping experience. Modern, novelty, shag, traditional, as well as transitional Tayse area rugs are offered here at RUGANDROLL. Whether you are looking for a runner, area mat, or huge carpet to protect your flooring, Tayse area rugs are made to be appealing, sturdy, and durable. The anatomy of Tayse area rugs consists of three major materials: jute, cotton blend, and synthetics. Though each rug is entirely different and unique, many use the same materials, and result in truly beautiful creations. Collections like Laguna, offer many themes and prints to choose from, while maintaining a modern composure. The Avon collection extends a mixture of classic and updated prints from casual to chic.

Tayse Rugs in Your Home

Gorgeous inside and out, Tayse area rugs make the perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor living space. Let the true colors of your Tayse rug shine in the light while you soak up some sun in the summer or spring on your patio. Tayse area rugs look amazing when reflecting the daylight and offering you a comfy place to rest your feet. Made with weather resistant materials, you never have to worry about dragging your rug in and out of the house to keep it safe and preserved from changing seasons and severe weather.

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    Tayse Sensation Orleans
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    Tayse Sensation Charlotte
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    Tayse Sensation Cambria
    Tayse Sensation Cambria more
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    Tayse Sensation Brookville
    Tayse Sensation Brookville more
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    Tayse Sensation 4817
    Tayse Sensation 4817 more
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    Tayse Sensation 4816
    Tayse Sensation 4816 more
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    Tayse Sensation 4815
    Tayse Sensation 4815 more
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    Tayse Sensation 4813
    Tayse Sensation 4813 more
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    Tayse Sensation 4812
    Tayse Sensation 4812 more
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    Tayse Sensation 4810
    Tayse Sensation 4810 more
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    Tayse Sensation 4797
    Tayse Sensation 4797 more
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    Tayse Sensation 4792
    Tayse Sensation 4792 more
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    Tayse Sensation 4790
    Tayse Sensation 4790 more
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    Tayse Sensation 4787
    Tayse Sensation 4787 more
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    Tayse Sensation 4782
    Tayse Sensation 4782 more
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    Tayse Sensation 4780
    Tayse Sensation 4780 more
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    Tayse Sensation 4770
    Tayse Sensation 4770 more
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    Tayse Sensation 4745
    Tayse Sensation 4745 more
    Special Price $18.00 $23.00
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    Tayse Sensation 4742
    Tayse Sensation 4742 more
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    Tayse Sensation 4740
    Tayse Sensation 4740 more
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    Tayse Sensation 4723
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    Tayse Sensation 4722
    Tayse Sensation 4722 more
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    Tayse Sensation 4720
    Tayse Sensation 4720 more
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    Tayse Sensation 4673
    Tayse Sensation 4673 more
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