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Brand Story

Celebrating over a century of style, the company originated in 1914 as a supplier of hand-made antique and Oriental rugs to leading interior designers. The artisan family business has come a long way since then, evolving from a single showroom in New York on Madison Avenue to a high-tech, international corporation headquartered in Port Washington, New York with over 2 million square feet of warehouse space and manufacturing facilities on three continents. Over the last ten years, the company has grown into a lifestyle brand with furnishings for the entire home, including all types of home accessories, decorative pillows, furniture, and lighting for indoors and outdoors. For four generations, the Yaraghi family has been dedicated to providing the resources necessary to give their customer uncompromising quality for all budgets brackets. There is no equal to the beauty, artistry, and durability of Safavieh rugs and Safavieh lamps. They lead the furnishings industry with innovation, but still adhere to centuries-old tradition in their craft. A rug from the brand has come from any of the major rug weaving epicenters of the world including Persia, India, Tibet, Nepal, China, and Pakistan, and incorporates the techniques and qualities of these places into their incomparable designs. That is why renowned designers and global brands such as Ralph Lauren, Martha Stewart, Jamie Drake, and Suzanne Kasler have teamed up with Safavieh rugs to produce the highest quality, stylish rugs available. The award-winning designs and services of the company have been recognized throughout the industry ensuring that Safavieh rugs and home products will continue to flourish and endure for years to come.

Product Line

RUGANDROLL carries the brand’s area rugs and lighting lines to perfectly outfit and enhance the décor of your home. There are over 2,700 products to select from with 2,160 rugs and over 500 lighting options available from the brand on RUGANDROLL. The Bella collection alone features arresting and diverse motifs that run the gamut from ancient tribal patterns, Renaissance damasks, painterly brushstrokes, marine corals and lush florals. The fine indoor rug area rugs from this collection pay tribute to the weaving traditions of China, hand-tufted of pure wool for enduring beauty. The medium cut pile of the rugs which range from round, runner, square, and rectangular area rugs are perfect for a dining room or luxurious living room. You can browse through the entire Safavieh home rug collections because the brand offers classic and casual designs to suit any aesthetic. The Bergama collection, for example, features Safavieh’s private archival collection of reproduction Peshawar rugs from a century of rug design. If you want a Safavieh vintage rug, this is the place to go for impeccable quality and design integrity of hand-tufted rugs made in India. On the other end of the spectrum, RUGANDROLL also carries Safavieh’s Himalaya collection which offers casual appeal and modern décor sensibilities that caters to today’s busy lifestyles. The Safavieh area rugs in this collection are the perfect base for any décor with heathered solids and subtle plaids that are made from 100% hand-loomed wool.

The Safavieh Aesthetic

With a finger on the pulse of design and style, the brand's school of style is eclectic to accommodate all desirable tastes from antique reproduction to fashion-forward contemporary and transitional styles for your home. The company conducts considerable research before developing a new collection in their New York design studios with two to three years exploring couture runways and color forecasts for fabric, color, and lifestyle trends through notable global style leaders. A rug or a Safavieh lighting fixture means a refined product that is brimming with contemporary flair and tasteful detailing.

Safavieh In Your Home

The entire Safavieh home collection can be coordinated to mix and match with other Safavieh home products. The Safavieh lighting collection features the latest styles and mod trends in indoor and outdoor lighting design. Their large inventory includes chandeliers, flush mounts, lamps, sconces, and even outdoor lighting for your backyard or patio. You will find that these one-of-a-kind fixtures will illuminate and accentuate your home with its sophisticated and classy vibe. For a truly trendy and fashion-forward look, many lighting options carry unique details that are still versatile enough to work into any design scheme. The Uragon table lamps, for example, can be arranged in many ways and lend rustic chic charm that fits wonderfully in an urban loft or coastal cottage.

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    Safavieh Padding PAD121
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    Safavieh Padding PAD111
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    Safavieh Padding PAD125
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    Safavieh Padding PAD120
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    Safavieh Padding PAD110
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    Safavieh Courtyard CY6100
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    Safavieh Rag Rug RAR121
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    Safavieh Courtyard CY6937
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    Safavieh Courtyard CY6930
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    Safavieh Courtyard CY6919
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    Safavieh Courtyard CY6918
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    Safavieh Courtyard CY6916
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    Safavieh Courtyard CY6915
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    Safavieh Courtyard CY6727
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    Safavieh Courtyard CY6109
    Safavieh Courtyard CY6109 Options
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    Safavieh Courtyard CY6108
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    Safavieh Courtyard CY6032
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    Safavieh Courtyard CY4038
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    Safavieh Courtyard CY4037
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    Safavieh Courtyard CY4035
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    Safavieh Courtyard CY4029
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    Safavieh Courtyard CY4027
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    Safavieh Courtyard CY4022
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    Safavieh Courtyard CY3416
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