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Brand Story

With decades of experience in the home interior business, Rizwan and Shamsu Ansari, two entrepreneurial brothers from India, established Rizzy Rugs, launching U.S. operations in 2007. With a reputation that delivers fashionable merchandise through incomparable state-of-the-art facilities that uses power-loomed production processes, Rizzy Home has rapidly grown to become industry leaders in design, manufacturing, and service. Offering stylish furnishings at affordable price points, Rizzy Home wares encompass finishing home accessories that include statement rugs, plush pillows, lavish throws, and quality bedding sets meant to adorn any space in your home. Rizzy Home believes in the sincere expression of your personal style so that your individual voice is expressed through your living space with its superior quality products.

Different Types of Rizzy Home Rugs

Rizzy Home rugs and complementary accessories are created using the finest quality materials from jacquard woven fabrics to silks and signature-dyed yarn to bring an added richness and depth to your living space. Rizzy Home pairs a contemporary aesthetic with global inspiration with embellishments and custom ornamentation; their collections embody genuine expressions of your style and personality so that you can create your dream home and interior space. RUGANDROLL carries over 450 different Rizzy Home area rugs that come in nine different sizes that range from 2x3 accent rugs perfect for an inviting entryway, mid-sized 5x8 area rugs that will seamlessly fit into a bedroom or kitchen, or a crowd pleasing floor covering sized at 9 x 13 for your living space. While all Rizzy Home area rugs are rectangular in design, these intricately crafted, luxurious floor coverings are dazzling pieces that merge sophisticated style, functionality and comfort that is truly a piece of art for your floor all of which are affordably priced under $500. More than three quarters of Rizzy Home area rugs are hand tufted, hand loomed, or hand woven, with the other hundred carpets manufactured on a power loom.

Decorating With Rizzy Home Rugs

RUGANDROLL offers Rizzy Home’s extensive range of home accessories including an assortment of rugs, luxury bedding ensembles, designer pillows, and accent throws so that any space becomes a stylish centerpiece ideal for relaxing and entertaining. Rizzy Home area rugs are available in a deluge of colors and stunning designs that offers a dramatic backdrop for your home furnishings. With 35 rug collections to choose from, there are stylish options for anyone who wants added flair. Rizzy Home collections range in style from contemporary to traditional. The Highland collection features unique, painterly abstractions of floral designs that evoke the romance of blooming rose bushes and budding yellow forsythia wreaths that will transport you to the English countryside. The Volare collection features geometric tessellations and graphic patterns in both neutrals and subtle brights that will translate well in a funky space. For the bohemian at heart, the Bellevue collection is your answer for Southwestern inspired and botanical influences in coordinating tan and turquoise hues. Whether you’re choosing a rug to start the design process for your room, or adding a finishing touch to a space, Rizzy Home has the right rug for you that is unparalleled in price point and panache.

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    Rizzy Glendale GD5955
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