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For over 60 years, Radici Rugs has been producing and manufacturing textiles throughout Italy. Headquartered in Bergamo, Italy, the company is a worldwide leader in the floor covering industry. Radici Rugs are crafted in Italy with 100% heat set olefin yarn, which allows the brand to offer its customers rugs in a wide range of palettes and color combinations. With a wide selection of carpets and area rugs, Radici is a great brand to start shopping with at RUGANDROLL.

Different Types of Radici Rugs

Radici area rugs are produced with a variety of different materials including woven wool, jacquard wool, machine tufted wool blends, and printed nylons. Radici rugs are also made with 100% New Zealand wool, and wool/silk and wool/linen blends. To fit any space, Radici rugs are available in many sizes ranging from 3x5 to 9x12. For entry ways, hallways, and closets, Radici area rugs are also available as runners. Radici rugs come in three distinct shapes: runner, rectangular, and round. The rugs are available in a wide selection of colors from red to blue to green and everything in between. Radici rugs are also available in many different patterns including animal prints, geometric prints, abstract prints, stripes, florals, and damask prints. No matter what size, style, or shape of Radici rug you are looking for, you are sure to find it at RUGANDROLL.

Decorating With Radici Rugs

Radici area rugs are available in a variety of colors and designs. From oriental to traditional to contemporary, Radici has a large selection to suit every aesthetic. The Aurora collection is a comprised of several striking, geometric printed rugs. These contemporary designs would fit well in a modern and updated space. Radici’s Alba collection is very traditional and would be a great addition to any classic, sophisticated space. The muted colors of the Alba collection allow your rug to blend seamlessly with your existing space, and won’t steal the show away from your furniture. If you are looking for a carpet that demands attention and will be the focal point of the room, look no further than the Bella collection. The Bella collection has a variety of prints that are bold and will make a statement in any space. With so many options to chose from, decorating with Radici area rugs is easy when you shop on RUGANDROLL.

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    Radici Duomo 1924
    Radici Duomo 1924 Options
    Special Price $36.05 $59.00
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    Radici Duomo 1915
    Radici Duomo 1915 Options
    Special Price $36.05 $59.00
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    Radici Duomo 1914
    Radici Duomo 1914 Options
    Special Price $36.05 $59.00
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    Radici Duomo 1900
    Radici Duomo 1900 Options
    Special Price $36.05 $59.00
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    Radici Vesuvio 1733
    Radici Vesuvio 1733 Options
    Special Price $51.10 $79.00
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    Radici Vesuvio 1715
    Radici Vesuvio 1715 Options
    Special Price $51.10 $79.00
  7. % OFF
    Radici Vesuvio 1714
    Radici Vesuvio 1714 Options
    Special Price $51.10 $79.00
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    Radici Vesuvio 1691
    Radici Vesuvio 1691 Options
    Special Price $51.10 $79.00
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    Radici Vesuvio 1675
    Radici Vesuvio 1675 Options
    Special Price $51.10 $79.00
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    Radici Vesuvio 1646
    Radici Vesuvio 1646 Options
    Special Price $51.10 $79.00
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    Radici Castello 953
    Radici Castello 953 Options
    Special Price $57.40 $89.00
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    Radici Castello 808
    Radici Castello 808 Options
    Special Price $57.40 $89.00
  13. % OFF
    Radici Castello 460
    Radici Castello 460 Options
    Special Price $57.40 $89.00
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    Radici Castello 1219
    Radici Castello 1219 Options
    Special Price $57.40 $89.00
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    Radici Castello 1191
    Radici Castello 1191 Options
    Special Price $57.40 $89.00
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    Radici Castle 3790
    Radici Castle 3790 Options
    Special Price $58.10 $83.00
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    Radici Castle 3514
    Radici Castle 3514 Options
    Special Price $58.10 $83.00
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    Radici Castle 3508
    Radici Castle 3508 Options
    Special Price $58.10 $83.00
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    Radici Bella 1816
    Radici Bella 1816 Options
    Special Price $59.00 $79.00
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    Radici Como 782
    Radici Como 782 Options
    Special Price $61.95 $89.00
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    Radici Como 1835
    Radici Como 1835 Options
    Special Price $61.95 $89.00
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    Radici Como 1834
    Radici Como 1834 Options
    Special Price $61.95 $89.00
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    Radici Como 1833
    Radici Como 1833 Options
    Special Price $61.95 $89.00
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    Radici Como 1747
    Radici Como 1747 Options
    Special Price $61.95 $89.00
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