Pasargad Rugs

Brand Story

A brand with a rich family history, Pasargad started in 1904 crafting some of the finest rugs on the market. With a reputation for quality and exceptional workmanship, Pasargad expanded to the United States in 1979, opening a brand in New York City. Since then the brand has continued its growth and is still an important player in the rug industry today. The brand believes that rugs should be so much more than floor coverings, and thinks of their products as works of art. This mindset has allowed the brand to produce multiple collections filled with gorgeous rugs that would look stunning in any space.

Different Styles and Types of Pasargad Rugs

Pasargad’s forward thinking philosophy is translated into their collections ranging in style from traditional to contemporary to traditional. The brand’s designs are always in line with industry trends, and Pasargad area rugs are always a stylish choice. RUGANDROLL carries Pasargad area rugs that are hand loomed, handmade, or hand tufted. Pasargad rugs are crafted using three different materials: silk, wool, and wool blends. Pasargad has an entire silk collection comprised of rugs with a stunning sheen and colorful exterior. Pasargad’s other collection, Sahara, is filled with patterns and geometrics prints. The rugs in this collection are vibrant and eye catching and are sure to make a crowd pleasing centerpiece in any space.

Decorating With Pasargad Rugs

When designing Pasargad rugs, the designers pull inspiration from the past and present. Inspired by antique rugs and the latest innovative textiles, Pasargad area rugs have old-school quality with modern aesthetics. Pasargad rugs are available in all colors of the rainbow from greens and blues to pinks and oranges. Whatever color palette you’re looking for, you are sure to find a coordinating Pasargad area rug at RUGANDROLL. Whether you are looking for a small 4x6 rug for your entryway, or you’re looking for a large 9x12 rug for your living room, RUGANDROLL carries a wide variety of sizes for Pasargad area rugs. We’re confident that you will find the right size, style, and color of rug at RUGANDROLL.

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    Pasargad Sari Silk PJE-7
    Pasargad Sari Silk PJE-7 more
    Special Price $36.00 $100.00
  2. % OFF
    Pasargad Venice 785
    Pasargad Venice 785 more
    Special Price $160.00 $380.00
  3. % OFF
    Pasargad Ferehan FH-06
    Pasargad Ferehan FH-06 more
    Special Price $175.00 $560.00
  4. % OFF
    Pasargad Venice SAM
    Pasargad Venice SAM more
    Special Price $180.00 $380.00
  5. % OFF
    Pasargad Venice 820
    Pasargad Venice 820 more
    Special Price $192.00 $456.00
  6. % OFF
    Pasargad Serapi SE-08
    Pasargad Serapi SE-08 more
    Special Price $248.75 $796.00
  7. % OFF
    Pasargad Venice 839
    Pasargad Venice 839 more
    Special Price $320.00 $760.00
  8. % OFF
    Pasargad Venice 784
    Pasargad Venice 784 more
    Special Price $320.00 $760.00
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    Pasargad Modern MD-13
    Pasargad Modern MD-13 more
    Special Price $350.00 $1,120.00
  10. % OFF
    Pasargad Modern MD-12
    Pasargad Modern MD-12 more
    Special Price $350.00 $1,120.00
  11. % OFF
    Pasargad Modern MD-05
    Pasargad Modern MD-05 more
    Special Price $373.75 $1,196.00
  12. % OFF
    Pasargad Sultanabad SB-04
    Pasargad Sultanabad SB-04 more
    Special Price $525.00 $1,680.00
  13. % OFF
    Pasargad Serapi SE-03
    Pasargad Serapi SE-03 more
    Special Price $532.50 $1,704.00
  14. % OFF
    Pasargad Serapi SE-04
    Pasargad Serapi SE-04 more
    Special Price $537.50 $1,720.00
  15. % OFF
    Pasargad Serapi SE-02
    Pasargad Serapi SE-02 more
    Special Price $537.50 $1,720.00
  16. % OFF
    Pasargad Serapi SE-01
    Pasargad Serapi SE-01 more
    Special Price $537.50 $1,720.00
  17. % OFF
    Pasargad Modern MD-02
    Pasargad Modern MD-02 more
    Special Price $575.00 $1,840.00
  18. % OFF
    Pasargad Tabriz TZ-06
    Pasargad Tabriz TZ-06 more
    Special Price $600.00 $1,920.00
  19. % OFF
    Pasargad Ikat IK-07
    Pasargad Ikat IK-07 more
    Special Price $600.00 $1,920.00
  20. % OFF
    Pasargad Ikat IK-03
    Pasargad Ikat IK-03 more
    Special Price $600.00 $1,920.00
  21. % OFF
    Pasargad Sultanabad SB-01
    Pasargad Sultanabad SB-01 more
    Special Price $650.00 $2,080.00
  22. % OFF
    Pasargad Ferehan FH-05
    Pasargad Ferehan FH-05 more
    Special Price $650.00 $2,080.00
  23. % OFF
    Pasargad Ferehan FH-03
    Pasargad Ferehan FH-03 more
    Special Price $650.00 $2,080.00
  24. % OFF
    Pasargad Ikat IK-04
    Pasargad Ikat IK-04 more
    Special Price $662.50 $2,120.00
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