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Brand Story

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, since 2004, Loloi Rugs is one of the preeminent purveyors of interior area carpets and outdoor rugs in the industry, bringing an eclectic eye for detail that has made them pioneers in design. Since their relatively brief inception, the brand has grown into a world renowned brand known for producing truly distinctive rugs, carpets, and pillows. Loloi is committed to craft and contemporary design that redefine style, functionality, and comfort. All of their textiles are designed in the United States, and they have long advocated design collaborations with design superstars like Dann Foley, Henrietta Spencer-Churchill, and Justina Blakeney. Highly esteemed as a purveyor of impeccably crafted, stylish rugs, the brand has been awarded the industry’s most prestigious honor with several ARTS Awards that underscore the excellence and quality of Loloi Rugs. A perennial award-winning champion, the company has garnered industry titles that include ‘Best Rug Manufacturer’ (2010, 2011, 2015) ‘Outdoor Living’ (2012), and ‘Green Manufacturer’ (2013), and has received 11 straight ARTS Award nominations for ‘Best Rug Manufacturer’.

Product Line

Loloi Rugs range of diverse carpets, rugs, and pillows are characterized by a bold, daring aesthetic tempered with romantic, sophisticated elegance that brings instant modern appeal to any room or hallway. Any of Loloi’s wares, including Loloi area rugs and Loloi pillows, come in an assortment of styles, sizes, fabrications, and colors so that any piece selected from the brand will pair perfectly with any style furnishings. With over 125 stunning collections to choose from, the company has stunning pieces that will become the centerpiece of any area. Bring Oriental exoticism to your space with the well-worn, majestic rugs from the Anastasia collection, designed to take you into the elegant, sophisticated world of martinis and smoking jackets. Embellish your space with the inky blues, neutrals beiges, and misty greys of Loloi Nyla rugs with their subtle patterns. Loloi Francesca rugs also stand out with their pretty paisleys and floral designs. The brand also carries a full pillow line with over 400 pillows to choose from. In a plethora of unique designs that range from sophisticated and subtle to quirky and bold, you can find the right pillow to individualize your space.

The Loloi Rugs Aesthetic

The company's Aesthetic is characterized by the beauty of fine handicraft, with a variety of plush fabrications and on-trend patterns. The brand provides an array of luxurious and distinctive rugs that will not only stand out, but become an integral part of the interior scheme of your living space. With an extensive offering of over 2000 area rugs and 125 collections to choose from, Loloi area rugs will transform your living space into a stylistically significant and integral part of your interior scheme with a rug that will appeal to any aesthetic preference. Sizes range as small as 2 x 3-5 to as large as 10 x 13-1, with shapes and sizes in between. Handmade techniques from hand hooked, hand tufted, braided and flatweave bring artisanal integrity to Loloi carpets, while power loomed varieties bring the same durability and finesse. From indoor to outdoor rugs, Loloi area rugs are made from both natural and synthetic materials in any hue imaginable so you can make an aesthetic statement.

Loloi Rugs In Your Home

The company brings premium quality materials, a refined aesthetic, and comfort to your home. With a diverse selection of rugs, carpets, and pillows, the company offers contemporary, stylish pieces that will tie any room together with individualistic flair. Whether you choose a Loloi rug that serves as an ideal backdrop for your living space, or an accent pillow that gives a unique twist to your existing furnishings, the company brings fashion forward style to your room.

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    Loloi Rug Pads PAD-1
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    Loloi Secure Grip Rug Pad PAD02
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    Loloi Tyler HTL01
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    Loloi Terrace HTC20
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    Loloi Terrace HTC18
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    Loloi Terrace HTC16
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    Loloi Terrace HTC15
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    Loloi Terrace HTC11
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    Loloi Terrace HTC10
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    Loloi Terrace HTC09
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    Loloi Terrace HTC06
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    Loloi Terrace HTC03
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    Loloi Terrace HTC01
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    Loloi Premium Grip Rug Pad PAD01
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    Loloi Porto HPO01
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    Loloi Outdoor Grip Rug Pad OPAD1
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    Loloi Isabelle HIS11
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    Loloi Isabelle HIS09
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    Loloi Isabelle HIS08
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    Loloi Isabelle HIS06
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    Loloi Isabelle HIS05
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    Loloi Isabelle HIS03
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    Loloi Isabelle HIS02
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    Loloi Isabelle HIS01
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