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KAS Rugs is among the foremost suppliers of machine-made and handmade rugs in the textile industry. The company was founded by Rao Yarlagadda and his wife, Kas, in 1981. The company began as a modest importer selling Indian dhurries; the brand quickly became renowned to be a precursor in design and color trends. The company makes more than 40 different assortments of the finest rugs in the business, covering an array of low to high-end price points. The brand is renowned for being in the vanguard of design and innovation, as the brand continues to allocate the most unique and constructions and innovative color trends and designs to the market. The company is a leader in design and color in the world of area rugs, machine-woven and hand-crafted. In business for more than three decades, the company began as leader in Dhurries, now beloved, it continues to be at the forefront of design and innovation trends. You can always rely on the brand to provide the most innovative creations while keeping up with the most contemporary trends in fashion and color.

Different Styles and Types of KAS Rugs

The company boasts of having a rug suitable for every living space in the home, such as hand-tufted, hand-knotted, machine-woven and hand-hooked rugs. Dhurries, shags, or flat weaves are popular choices for home décor. Quality materials like jute, wool, and synthetics are implemented in the craft of these beautiful creations. KAS designs are up to date and define the demands of all societal tastes today. The brand is proud to have released many notable collections of KAS area rugs that have brought comfort and grace into thousands of homes. The Jewel Collection screams royalty and is fit for a king. Elegant and classically themed, these European styled rugs can bring glamour and poise into any home. The Mulberry Collection is breathtakingly stunning because of its designs. The collection’s modern bohemian prints will add whimsy and intricacy to your living space and are perfect for dining rooms.

KAS Rugs in Your Home

Whether you are an ambitious outdoorsman or love to spend time at home, a KAS carpet can be the anchor to your lifestyle. The beauty of the brand lies in its versatility and functionality. A manufacturer of indoor, outdoor, and children’s rugs, you are guaranteed to find a perfect match for any room. At RUGANDROLL, we strive to give you the best selection possible to simplify your search, and have solidified our trust with the brand as a reliable and authorized dealer. KAS area rugs are built to withstand years of activity and can support your lifestyle. The brand strongly believes in the quality and craftsmanship of their rugs and wants to contribute to your own exciting life with the help of KAS area rugs. With the brand’s KAS oriental rugs, you will discover aesthetics to fit all your lifestyles in décor varying from classic and refined to bold and contemporary to outdoor and casual. Introduce a whole new culture to your home, and explore the vivid colors of India with KAS Rugs.

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    KAS Lucia Verona
    KAS Lucia Verona Options
    Special Price $20.25 $27.00
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    KAS Lifestyles Stripes
    KAS Lifestyles Stripes Options
    Special Price $22.00 $25.00
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    KAS Cambridge Tabriz
    KAS Cambridge Tabriz Options
    Special Price $22.00 $25.00
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    KAS Cambridge Panel
    KAS Cambridge Panel Options
    Special Price $22.00 $25.00
  5. % OFF
    KAS Cambridge Mahal
    KAS Cambridge Mahal Options
    Special Price $22.00 $25.00
  6. % OFF
    KAS Cambridge Floral Ribbons
    KAS Cambridge Floral Ribbons Options
    Special Price $22.00 $25.00
  7. % OFF
    KAS Cambridge Floral Agra
    KAS Cambridge Floral Agra Options
    Special Price $22.00 $25.00
  8. % OFF
    KAS Lifestyles Whimsy
    KAS Lifestyles Whimsy Options
    Special Price $22.50 $30.00
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    KAS Lifestyles Tropical
    KAS Lifestyles Tropical Options
    Special Price $22.50 $30.00
  10. % OFF
    KAS Lifestyles Squares
    KAS Lifestyles Squares Options
    Special Price $22.50 $30.00
  11. % OFF
    KAS Lifestyles Rose
    KAS Lifestyles Rose Options
    Special Price $22.50 $30.00
  12. % OFF
    KAS Lifestyles Kashan
    KAS Lifestyles Kashan Options
    Special Price $22.50 $30.00
  13. % OFF
    KAS Lifestyles Firenze
    KAS Lifestyles Firenze Options
    Special Price $22.50 $30.00
  14. % OFF
    KAS Lifestyles Capri
    KAS Lifestyles Capri Options
    Special Price $22.50 $30.00
  15. % OFF
    KAS Lifestyles Agra
    KAS Lifestyles Agra Options
    Special Price $22.50 $30.00
  16. % OFF
    KAS Cambridge Palazzo
    KAS Cambridge Palazzo Options
    Special Price $22.50 $30.00
  17. % OFF
    KAS Cambridge Mosaic Panel
    KAS Cambridge Mosaic Panel Options
    Special Price $22.50 $30.00
  18. % OFF
    KAS Cambridge Kashan Panel
    KAS Cambridge Kashan Panel Options
    Special Price $22.50 $30.00
  19. % OFF
    KAS Cambridge Kashan Medallion
    KAS Cambridge Kashan Medallion Options
    Special Price $22.50 $30.00
  20. % OFF
    KAS Cambridge Kashan
    KAS Cambridge Kashan Options
    Special Price $22.50 $30.00
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    KAS Cambridge Floral Vine
    KAS Cambridge Floral Vine Options
    Special Price $22.50 $30.00
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    KAS Cambridge Floral Mahal
    KAS Cambridge Floral Mahal Options
    Special Price $22.50 $30.00
  23. % OFF
    KAS Cambridge Floral Delight
    KAS Cambridge Floral Delight Options
    Special Price $22.50 $30.00
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    KAS Cambridge Delaney
    KAS Cambridge Delaney Options
    Special Price $22.50 $30.00
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