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Brand Story

Leaders in innovation, Karastan Rugs played a major role in textile industry, creating the first machine-made oriental rug in the 1920’s. Created by Marshall Field & Co., these Karastan area rugs were almost impossible to distinguish from the imported originals. This exciting and innovative product was unlike anything anyone had seen before and became an overnight success when they were introduced at Wanamaker’s department store in New York in 1928. Continuing its success, the brand made another breakthrough in 1948 with its Kara-Loc method of weaving. This style of weaving helped the brand break away from traditional twist methods and allowed them to produce multi-colored design, along with cut-and-loop effects. This technology was very advanced for the time, and it took Karastan’s competitors 15 years to catch up with them. The Kara-Loc method not only helped Karastan advance the look of their rugs, but allowed them to produce quality carpets at an affordable price to average customers. Stylish and durable carpets were finally made available because of Karastan Rugs. Today, the brand continues its legacy of innovation and creativity, producing quality crafted rugs made from the finest natural and man-made fibers.

Different Types and Styles of Karastan Rugs

Karastan carpets and rugs are a trademark for quality, timeless design, and resilience. Tough and incredibly durable, these rugs and carpets are made to withstand even the most high-traffic environments. Karastan’s rich history and sophisticated properties of are incomparable to others. Wool, silk, synthetic, and wool blends are used in their making, and feature hand-tufted and woven techniques that are versatile and blended. The Karastan Spice Market Collection represents the original Karastan rug that is known worldwide. This rustic Persian line features traditional prints and faded exteriors that give these rugs an authentic, genuine appearance that is derived from the famous ancient Iranian rugs. The Panache Collection is somewhat traditional, but features more modern colors and also includes runners. A variety of modern, traditional, and transitional Karastan area rugs are offered by the brand to appeal to any sense of style.

Karastan Rugs in Your Home

Classic, ageless, and environmentally friendly, Karastan area rugs are exceptional and magnificent. The company has an environmental leadership board, known as Eco Chic. By using sustainable ingredients and investing in research to find new ways how to preserve the planet and its resources, Karastan Rugs has taken a big step in helping natural conservation efforts and various grassroots organizations. Your purchase supports the company in expanding its ecologically efficient farming methods, and opens gateways to a brighter, better, healthier future for the world. The story behind Karastan carpets and rugs is one that will live on for years to come. RUGANDROLL wants your home to become part of the Karastan Rugs legacy. Whether you choose a rug or Karastan carpet, we are confident that Karastan area rugs will exceed your expectations and last for generations. Welcome a piece of history into your living space today with Karastan Rugs.

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    Karastan Spice Market Zargos
    Karastan Spice Market Zargos Options
    Special Price $99.00 $199.00
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    Karastan Spice Market Vasco
    Karastan Spice Market Vasco Options
    Special Price $99.00 $199.00
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    Karastan Spice Market Tigris
    Karastan Spice Market Tigris Options
    Special Price $99.00 $199.00
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    Karastan Spice Market Petra
    Karastan Spice Market Petra Options
    Special Price $99.00 $199.00
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    Karastan Spice Market Palmyra
    Karastan Spice Market Palmyra Options
    Special Price $99.00 $199.00
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    Karastan Spice Market Myanmar
    Karastan Spice Market Myanmar Options
    Special Price $99.00 $199.00
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    Karastan Spice Market Levant
    Karastan Spice Market Levant Options
    Special Price $99.00 $199.00
  8. % OFF
    Karastan Spice Market Han
    Karastan Spice Market Han Options
    Special Price $99.00 $199.00
  9. % OFF
    Karastan Spice Market Gaza
    Karastan Spice Market Gaza Options
    Special Price $99.00 $199.00
  10. % OFF
    Karastan Spice Market Deir
    Karastan Spice Market Deir Options
    Special Price $99.00 $199.00
  11. % OFF
    Karastan Spice Market Cyprus
    Karastan Spice Market Cyprus Options
    Special Price $99.00 $199.00
  12. % OFF
    Karastan Spice Market Charax
    Karastan Spice Market Charax Options
    Special Price $99.00 $199.00
  13. % OFF
    Karastan Spice Market Carthage
    Karastan Spice Market Carthage Options
    Special Price $99.00 $199.00
  14. % OFF
    Karastan Spice Market Alcantara
    Karastan Spice Market Alcantara Options
    Special Price $99.00 $199.00
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    Karastan Spice Market Aden
    Karastan Spice Market Aden Options
    Special Price $99.00 $199.00
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    Karastan Touchstone Suir
    Karastan Touchstone Suir Options
    Special Price $199.00 $398.00
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    Karastan Touchstone Sanctuary
    Karastan Touchstone Sanctuary Options
    Special Price $199.00 $399.00
  18. % OFF
    Karastan Touchstone Nore
    Karastan Touchstone Nore Options
    Special Price $199.00 $398.00
  19. % OFF
    Karastan Touchstone Moy
    Karastan Touchstone Moy Options
    Special Price $199.00 $398.00
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    Karastan Touchstone Mahon
    Karastan Touchstone Mahon Options
    Special Price $199.00 $398.00
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    Karastan Touchstone Eme
    Karastan Touchstone Eme Options
    Special Price $199.00 $398.00
  22. % OFF
    Karastan Touchstone Boyne
    Karastan Touchstone Boyne Options
    Special Price $199.00 $398.00
  23. % OFF
    Karastan Touchstone Avonmore
    Karastan Touchstone Avonmore Options
    Special Price $199.00 $398.00
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    Karastan Touchstone Arielle
    Karastan Touchstone Arielle Options
    Special Price $199.00 $399.00
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