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Brand Story

Since 1979, Judy and Bill Adams have been working extensively to bring beautiful quality rugs into the homes of thousands. With a passion for innovation and a thirst for worldwide accessibility, Dalyn Rugs was born. The couple started off their success with a burning desire to inspire the world and bring modern and stylish rugs to the homes of many at an affordable price. Dalyn rug company doesn’t strive to be the biggest company in the rug making industry, but they do strive to be the best. Dalyn Rugs makes more than 150 different styles of area rugs that come in more than 450 beautiful and vibrant colors and patterns. It’s all about variation for the brand, something that the company truly lives up to embody.

Different Types and Styles of Dalyn Rugs

Since variety is one of Dalyn’s top principles, they have formulated over 25 incredible collections that range from simple to elaborate. Dalyn area rugs are made using only the finest materials such as jute, sisal, wool, and cotton. The brand has a wide selection of Dalyn area rugs with both small and large dimensions, spanning from, 2 x 3-5, to 10 x 13-15. Lovers of modern styles can find over 1500 Dalyn area rugs to choose from, and those that prefer more traditional themes also have choices. Different weaving techniques allow for more detailed designs. Some of these techniques include, flat-weaving, hand-looming, hand-tufting, machine-made styles, and shag rugs. Dalyn area rugs are also conveniently grouped into collections for faster browsing. The Impulse collection, displays a variety of splattered colors and shapes that come together to form authentic rugs that are inventive and festive. Regardless of your taste, Dalyn Rugs has made thousands of rugs, and there is one out there that specifically fits your home.

The Dalyn Rugs Aesthetic

A leader in the rug industry as the world’s largest manufacturer of custom rugs, Dalyn area rugs are classic and timeless. These remarkable creations are available for purchase right here at RUGANDROLL. You can even browse our inventory of Dalyn rugs that are made especially for the outdoors, perfect for your balcony, patio, porch, or yard. The possibilities are limitless as to what you can do with Dalyn area rugs, because you can be as creative as you like. There are no boundaries.

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    Dalyn Studio SD16
    Dalyn Studio SD16 Options
    Special Price $129.00 $258.00
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    Dalyn Beckham BC8444
    Dalyn Beckham BC8444 Options
    Special Price $69.00 $138.00
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    Dalyn Beckham BC567
    Dalyn Beckham BC567 Options
    Special Price $69.00 $138.00
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    Dalyn Beckham BC29
    Dalyn Beckham BC29 Options
    Special Price $69.00 $138.00
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    Dalyn Beckham BC2162
    Dalyn Beckham BC2162 Options
    Special Price $69.00 $138.00
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    Dalyn Beckham BC2161
    Dalyn Beckham BC2161 Options
    Special Price $69.00 $138.00
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    Dalyn Beckham BC185
    Dalyn Beckham BC185 Options
    Special Price $69.00 $138.00
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    Dalyn Beckham BC1548
    Dalyn Beckham BC1548 Options
    Special Price $69.00 $138.00
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    Dalyn Beckham BC1544
    Dalyn Beckham BC1544 Options
    Special Price $69.00 $138.00
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    Dalyn Beckham BC1244
    Dalyn Beckham BC1244 Options
    Special Price $69.00 $138.00
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    Dalyn Beckham BC104
    Dalyn Beckham BC104 Options
    Special Price $69.00 $138.00
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    Dalyn Wembley WB787
    Dalyn Wembley WB787 Options
    Special Price $79.00 $158.00
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    Dalyn Wembley WB524
    Dalyn Wembley WB524 Options
    Special Price $79.00 $158.00
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    Dalyn Wembley WB45
    Dalyn Wembley WB45 Options
    Special Price $79.00 $158.00
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    Dalyn Wembley WB38
    Dalyn Wembley WB38 Options
    Special Price $79.00 $158.00
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    Dalyn Omega OM625
    Dalyn Omega OM625 Options
    Special Price $99.00 $198.00
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    Dalyn Omega OM623
    Dalyn Omega OM623 Options
    Special Price $99.00 $198.00
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    Dalyn Omega OM24
    Dalyn Omega OM24 Options
    Special Price $99.00 $198.00
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    Dalyn Omega OM231
    Dalyn Omega OM231 Options
    Special Price $99.00 $198.00
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    Dalyn Modern Greys MG81
    Dalyn Modern Greys MG81 Options
    Special Price $99.00 $198.00
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    Dalyn Modern Greys MG5993
    Dalyn Modern Greys MG5993 Options
    Special Price $99.00 $198.00
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    Dalyn Modern Greys MG531
    Dalyn Modern Greys MG531 Options
    Special Price $99.00 $198.00
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    Dalyn Modern Greys MG525
    Dalyn Modern Greys MG525 Options
    Special Price $99.00 $198.00
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    Dalyn Modern Greys MG360
    Dalyn Modern Greys MG360 Options
    Special Price $99.00 $198.00
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