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For more than 80 years, Couristan rugs has been making quality home creations and stylish area rugs. The brand was founded by two brothers, Basil J and George J. Couri in 1926. Two generations later, Couristan area rugs continue to find their way into homes, bringing to life the classic ‘American Dream’ that many long to experience. Synonymous with style and rich in purpose, Couristan Rugs has a long tradition of excellence that continues to advance with each generation. Originally named "Couri Brothers", the company’s humble beginnings started in New York City. The rug designs seen today are reminiscent of diverse cultural influences. This would not have been made possible if the founders did not find the courage to cross oceans in order to bring Persian rugs into the Uniteds States. The Courtisan brand was born out from the ingenuity and innovative spirit of its founders. Today, it’s more than that; it is also a business that genuinely cares for children, adhering to its strict "No Child Labor" policy.

Different Styles and Types of Couristan Rugs

Modeled to represent a vibrant varied lifestyle, Couristan rugs are bonafide and hand-crafted to accompany your living needs. With many types, styles, and prints to choose from, a Couristan carpet may just be the perfect fit for your home. Cloth braided, hand-loomed, hand-knotted, hand-hooked, hand-woven, or powered-loomed, these exuberant Courtisan area rugs are timeless and classic. Shapes span from original rectangular, oval, and square to round, and octagon (a classic shape that has been used in Persian design for hundreds of generations). Couristan Rugs has over thirty stunning collections. The Royal Kashimar collection embodies traditional Persian design with carefully planned patterns. These splendid carpets will transform any room into a cozy space, and add developed character to accent furniture and surrounding pieces. Couristan area rugs only use the finest materials like jute, bamboo, wool, and leather.

Couristan Rugs in Your Home

Hardwearing and exceptionally presentable, a Couristan rug is a symbol of luxury and sophistication. There is a reason we chose to partner with Couristan rugs; they represent a family of committed individuals who have worked hard to share their love for comfort and culture with the world. There is no doubt that a Courtisan carpet will unify your living space and present a large setting for family and guests to share. You can also easily take the fun to your patio or yard with Couristan outdoor rugs. Courtisan Rugs combines weather resistant materials and the same top quality designs to ensure that you are truly getting the most out of your outdoor experience.

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    Couristan Anatolia All Over Vase
    Couristan Anatolia All Over Vase more
    Special Price $30.00 $32.00
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    Couristan Anatolia Antique Herati
    Couristan Anatolia Antique Herati more
    Special Price $30.00 $32.00
  3. % OFF
    Couristan Anatolia Antique Kashan
    Couristan Anatolia Antique Kashan more
    Special Price $30.00 $32.00
  4. % OFF
    Couristan Anatolia Floral Heriz
    Couristan Anatolia Floral Heriz more
    Special Price $30.00 $32.00
  5. % OFF
    Couristan Anatolia Floral Ispaghan
    Couristan Anatolia Floral Ispaghan more
    Special Price $30.00 $32.00
  6. % OFF
    Couristan Anatolia Medallion Ispaghan
    Couristan Anatolia Medallion Ispaghan more
    Special Price $30.00 $32.00
  7. % OFF
    Couristan Anatolia Royal Plume
    Couristan Anatolia Royal Plume more
    Special Price $30.00 $32.00
  8. % OFF
    Couristan Anatolia Tribal Diamond
    Couristan Anatolia Tribal Diamond more
    Special Price $30.00 $32.00
  9. % OFF
    Couristan Anji Anji
    Couristan Anji Anji more
    Special Price $110.00 $119.00
  10. % OFF
    Couristan Bar Harbor Bar Harbor
    Couristan Bar Harbor Bar Harbor more
    Special Price $16.00 $19.00
  11. % OFF
    Couristan Berkshire Hoosic
    Couristan Berkshire Hoosic more
    Special Price $18.00 $19.00
  12. % OFF
    Couristan Berkshire Taconic
    Couristan Berkshire Taconic more
    Special Price $18.00 $19.00
  13. % OFF
    Couristan Bromley Breckenridge
    Couristan Bromley Breckenridge more
    Special Price $74.00 $79.00
  14. % OFF
    Couristan Bromley Davos
    Couristan Bromley Davos more
    Special Price $74.00 $79.00
  15. % OFF
    Couristan Bromley Diamondback
    Couristan Bromley Diamondback more
    Special Price $74.00 $79.00
  16. % OFF
    Couristan Bromley Pinnacle
    Couristan Bromley Pinnacle more
    Special Price $74.00 $79.00
  17. % OFF
    Couristan Bromley Whistler
    Couristan Bromley Whistler more
    Special Price $74.00 $79.00
  18. % OFF
    Couristan Cadence Adiago
    Couristan Cadence Adiago more
    Special Price $56.00 $59.00
  19. % OFF
    Couristan Cadence Moonlight Sonata
    Couristan Cadence Moonlight Sonata more
    Special Price $56.00 $59.00
  20. % OFF
    Couristan Cadence Overture
    Couristan Cadence Overture more
    Special Price $56.00 $59.00
  21. % OFF
    Couristan Cire Capshaw
    Couristan Cire Capshaw more
    Special Price $36.00 $39.00
  22. % OFF
    Couristan Cire Gilmore
    Couristan Cire Gilmore more
    Special Price $36.00 $39.00
  23. % OFF
    Couristan Cire Jerrico
    Couristan Cire Jerrico more
    Special Price $36.00 $39.00
  24. % OFF
    Couristan Cire Marlow
    Couristan Cire Marlow more
    Special Price $36.00 $39.00
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