Concord Global Trading, Inc. is an ever-growing and expanding business to business wholesale company that specializes in the manufacturing of heat-set and printed nylon area rugs. We are proud to be the number one exporter of machine made area rugs out of Turkey to the United States. Concord’s products make the most of your money, giving you much more product, higher quality and value at affordable price points while delivering on-trend fashion and style.

Our customers range from chic furniture stores, high-volume department stores and small sole-proprietorships. Since the beginning, Concord has prided itself in strong customer service and an excellent product with a clear vision. After years in the business, our patrons have learned to depend on our close-knit network of associates. Working with Concord means you will be given our full attention and professional assistance that starts from the selection process all the way through delivery. We will go above and beyond to tailor each order to match your clientele’s needs. Our order department practices same-day processing, and our warehouse ensures you will receive your goods fast. With 5000+ SKUs, we maintain a 95% in-stock inventory to guarantee a speedy transaction. Through tough times, thanks to our loyal and faithful customers, we have been able to prosper. In return, we stand strong to give you the best value and the lowest available price in the market.

Concord’s name stands for originality, progression and innovation. Every year, we debut new collections during market week. New and exciting collections are introduced throughout the year as well, ensuring our home products are abreast with the season’s trends and today’s fashions. Concord has something to suit a multitude of different tastes.

All of our area rugs are manufactured in Turkey. Concord has taken the ancient Turkish tradition of carpet weaving and adapted it to create a modern and convenient method of creating beautiful area rugs. Our mixture of traditional rugs with classic, old-world designs along with our eye-popping and coveted modern styles, have allowed us to make our mark in the industry, while seamlessly complimenting anyone’s home or business.

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    Concord Alisa Boxes
    Concord Alisa Boxes more
    Special Price $28.00 $62.00
  2. % OFF
    Concord Alisa Ditsy Flowers
    Concord Alisa Ditsy Flowers more
    Special Price $28.00 $62.00
  3. % OFF
    Concord Alisa Dots In Dots
    Concord Alisa Dots In Dots more
    Special Price $28.00 $62.00
  4. % OFF
    Concord Alisa Flower Kaleidoscope
    Concord Alisa Flower Kaleidoscope more
    Special Price $28.00 $62.00
  5. % OFF
    Concord Alisa Groovy Flowers
    Concord Alisa Groovy Flowers more
    Special Price $28.00 $62.00
  6. % OFF
    Concord Alisa Jigsaw Puzzle
    Concord Alisa Jigsaw Puzzle more
    Special Price $28.00 $62.00
  7. % OFF
    Concord Alisa Patchwork
    Concord Alisa Patchwork more
    Special Price $28.00 $62.00
  8. % OFF
    Concord Alisa Peace And Polka Hearts
    Concord Alisa Peace And Polka Hearts more
    Special Price $28.00 $62.00
  9. % OFF
    Concord Alisa Stripes
    Concord Alisa Stripes more
    Special Price $28.00 $62.00
  10. % OFF
    Concord Alisa Tatoo Scroll
    Concord Alisa Tatoo Scroll more
    Special Price $28.00 $62.00
  11. % OFF
    Concord Alisa Wave Dots
    Concord Alisa Wave Dots more
    Special Price $28.00 $62.00
  12. % OFF
    Concord Alisa Zebra
    Concord Alisa Zebra more
    Special Price $28.00 $62.00
  13. % OFF
    Concord Ankara Agra
    Concord Ankara Agra more
    Special Price $40.00 $88.00
  14. % OFF
    Concord Ankara Bakhtiari
    Concord Ankara Bakhtiari more
    Special Price $40.00 $88.00
  15. % OFF
    Concord Ankara Chateau
    Concord Ankara Chateau more
    Special Price $40.00 $88.00
  16. % OFF
    Concord Ankara Floral Border
    Concord Ankara Floral Border more
    Special Price $40.00 $88.00
  17. % OFF
    Concord Ankara Floral Garden
    Concord Ankara Floral Garden more
    Special Price $40.00 $88.00
  18. % OFF
    Concord Ankara Kerman
    Concord Ankara Kerman more
    Special Price $40.00 $88.00
  19. % OFF
    Concord Ankara Mahal
    Concord Ankara Mahal more
    Special Price $40.00 $88.00
  20. % OFF
    Concord Ankara Oushak
    Concord Ankara Oushak more
    Special Price $40.00 $88.00
  21. % OFF
    Concord Ankara Pin Dot
    Concord Ankara Pin Dot more
    Special Price $40.00 $88.00
  22. % OFF
    Concord Ankara Sultanabad
    Concord Ankara Sultanabad more
    Special Price $40.00 $88.00
  23. % OFF
    Concord Ankara Zeigler
    Concord Ankara Zeigler more
    Special Price $40.00 $88.00
  24. % OFF
    Concord Casa Canyon
    Concord Casa Canyon more
    Special Price $72.00 $158.00
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