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The skilled artisans at Chandra Rugs are behind each masterpiece, handcrafting works of art that are not only functional, but stunning. Founded by Chandra Tiwari, the company’s legacy remains within the family, with her sons, Ravi and Shashi Tiwari joining their father to boost the impact of the celebrated rug maker. Chandra boasts the handcraft origin of each rug to consumers looking not only for refinement in style, but comfort as well. Chandras rugs aren’t manufactured by machines, guaranteeing that each final rug is a state-of-art masterpiece that is unique, flawless and comfortable. Imagination, ingenuity and innovation guide each artisan as he or she weaves a work of genius. Chandra Rugs highlights designs and creators of eclectic tastes and backgrounds, all of whom provide something unique which has rarely been seen in carpeting. Chanda Rugs has such a vast inventory, you are sure to find the right Chandra area rug for you. To enhance your home decor, you can’t go wrong with high-quality Chandra area rugs.

Different Types and Styles of Chandra Rugs

Chandra Rugs is committed to providing its customers with products that are handcrafted with expertise, artistry, and precision. Their extensive inventory is immaculate and up to date with new and exciting designs and textures. Chandra area rugs are sorted into many collections, those of which include the Jessica Swift collection. This stylish array is the epitome of modern, chic style. Floral prints and unusual color combinations compose this delicate and fun collection. The pop and shine of these patterns does a great job in bringing subtle decor in your home to life. The styles and types of Chandra area rugs are varied for your convenience. Weaving techniques include: flatweave, hand-knotting, hand-tufting, hand-weave, dhurrie, and shag. Styles range from modern, novelty, and traditional to transitional, kids, and shag. Chandra Rugs only uses high quality materials such as cotton, jute, leather, silk, synthetic, and exclusive New Zealand wool.

The Chandra Rugs Aesthetic

The Chandra Rugs pledge is to offer their consumers a high-design lifestyle at a convenient affordable price that doesn’t have to blow your budget through the roof. Each Chandra area rug represents an entire culture of hard working, talented individuals that use their skills to share a gift with the world. For thousands of years, rugs have been present throughout civilization, especially in India. For the family members and villagers of India, a Chandra rug is more than just decor, it is a way of life: a symbol of beauty, durability, and tradition. Every rug is made with the best intentions, and holds colorful positive energy that will add a unique touch of India to your home.

Chandra Rugs in Your Home

Celebrate a radiant, long-lived life with centuries of tradition embodied into your decor. Choosing a Chandra area rug means more than selecting a piece of furniture. The elegance glows from within the fine textured fibers; the heart and soul of every crafter lies within the essence of Chandra area rugs.LuxeDecor is confident in your satisfaction with Chandra area rugs and hopes to create a positive shopping experience for both you and your family.

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    Chandra Pillows CUS-28020
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    Chandra Pillows CUS-28008
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    Chandra Pillows CUS-28003
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    Chandra India IND-9
    Chandra India IND-9 Options
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    Chandra India IND-8
    Chandra India IND-8 Options
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    Chandra India IND-7
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    Chandra India IND-6
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    Chandra India IND-5
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    Chandra India IND-4
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    Chandra India IND-3
    Chandra India IND-3 Options
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    Chandra India IND-2
    Chandra India IND-2 Options
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    Chandra India IND-14
    Chandra India IND-14 Options
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    Chandra India IND-13
    Chandra India IND-13 Options
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    Chandra India IND-12
    Chandra India IND-12 Options
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    Chandra India IND-11
    Chandra India IND-11 Options
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    Chandra India IND-10
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    Chandra India IND-1
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    Chandra Pillows CUS-28019
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    Special Price $25.00 $28.00
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    Chandra Pillows CUS-28002
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    Chandra Pillows CUS-28001
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    Chandra Pillows CUS-28030
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    Chandra Pillows CUS-28029
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    Chandra Pillows CUS-28028
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    Chandra Pillows CUS-28025
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